The competent team of our managers carefully monitors the progress in the digital currency industry, we comply with all the rules and requirements of our clients for full transparency, diligence and business ethics.

We use the advanced MatrixCoin coin mining technology to create an even more mass market and the introduction of digital coins into real life.

At genesis 100 million MatrixCoin coins were created, which will be distributed among the participants of matrix projects on our platform. The more actively you take part in matrix projects, the more coins you earn, the faster the MatrixCoin community grows.

On the platform will be posted educational materials in the field of crypto currency and matrix projects, which will significantly accelerate your start-up and bring financial benefits.

We created a website for free registration of users who want to participate in the global financial market and plunge into the innovative world of digital commerce.

The MatrixCoin platform is aimed at bringing together leading and active participants in matrix projects, investors and businesspersons - people who know how to multiply their earnings in the network. In fact, the MatrixCoin platform is an aggregator for matrix projects, with the main currency - digital coins MatrixCoin.

MatrixCoin coins can be exchanged on the currency exchange, or reinvested in the projects you selected.

We provide constant support of the site on the basis of the ticket system - processing of applications by e-mail.