MatrixCoin is a global crowdfunding platform for active people all over the world.

MatrixCoin platform is based on the financial community of entrepreneurs and leaders of matrix projects that focuses on the creation, development and implementation of the MatrixCoin crypto currency business in order to finance successful projects and benefit each participant.

On the platform, there are active matrices, in which you earn coins MatrixCoin. Each partner of the platform chooses in which project to invest or withdraw coins for exchange, or reinvestment.

Mission of our project:

When individuals have access to financial services and the confidence that those services work for their best benefit, those individuals can independently improve their lives. However, the current financial system is too expensive and complicated, living millions of people on the sidelines.

Just as the Internet allows anyone to send email or create a blog, the overall financial platform of MatrixCoin now allows you to easily invest in your future and receive money without large fees or hassle.

A responsibility

Our financial community is responsible for:


To build trust - within the community and inside our team - we adhere to transparency and other guarantees. Therefore within the limits of our project will be constantly and publicly available:

The past few years have shown that the world transition to digital money begins, and now large amounts of capital are flowing into the Internet. Our financial community Matrix Coin focus on the goal of training and providing access to financial projects to as many people as possible.